Monday, 18 August 2008


Hello. My name is Penny and my Wild Creations blog is about the stuff I create. At the moment that includes short stories, little blank books, beady necklaces and anything else that strikes me.
Of course that’s not all I do. I’m an administrator at the University of Surrey, and in the time that’s left I’m studying towards a CIW Website Design qualification.

I was getting along just fine with all this stuff when I stumbled across the
Crafty Synergy blog about a month ago. I might go as far as to say this changed my life!
It’s a great blog, made up of interviews with lots of people over the last couple of years. The thing they all have in common, is not only do they make things, but they have all made their creativity into a business. They may only be small and some of them haven’t given up the day job yet, but they are doing what I want to do. I still haven’t read all the interviews (work expect me to do stuff there not just look on the net) but I intend to. So thank you for all the people on the Crafty Synergy blog for encouraging me to taking the first tiny steps toward doing what I’ve always wanted to – using my creativity for a purpose.

This blog will, I hope, follow my journey as I make stuff, learn new skills and maybe just maybe start my very own business.

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