Sunday, 10 February 2019

Georgous Cakes - part 19

This week I made a Sachertorte (chocolate cake) and Iced Cherry Shortbread.  I've made the shortbread before and it's very tasty.  A little crumbly but with a lovely tang of orange.  This batch came out well and I could eat lots of it.
The cake came out well too.  It was fairly easy to make, but her quantities for the topping were way over what we needed!  She wanted a whole jar of jam when a couple of big spoonfuls would have done and as for the chocolate icing we had so much that I iced all the biscuits and still had a bowl left over!  It was also very runny which needed a little management. Still it tastes good so thats ok.


Saturday, 2 February 2019

Georgous Cakes - part 18

This week I made a Kiddies' Dream Traybake and Plum Muffins.  Both were pretty simple to put together and seemed to come out well, until we tried the muffins and found they hadn't cooked all the way through.  They just needed a couple of minutes more in the oven.  
To be honest I've always had issues with muffins, and these were better than some that I've made! 


Kiddies' Dream Traybake:  Ok but nothing special.  There are better chocolate cakes in this book.

Plum Muffins:  These didn't cook quite enough so had googy centres.  Tasted ok, but got left and ended up in the bin.