Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) 01 is in on Friday. I’ve been working pretty hard on a short story – 1500 words, and think it is very nearly there. I hope I’ve done ok, because this story feeds into TMA 02 where we convert it into a radio play or stage drama. And that’s about half my marks for this part of the course! Blimey.
But I have noticed a real change in my attitude to my writing. I am trying to write for about an hour every day. I don’t always manage it, and some times I do more, but I’m trying. And as I write I find that I’m starting to get more and more ideas. Not all of them will work, but the little sparks are there. Which is great. I hadn’t missed them until they came back. So all I have to do is survive the course and then keep up the writing. Easier said than done.

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