Sunday, 31 January 2010

It begins with an A...

It’s been a long and busy couple of weeks with no time to blog.
I’ve given blood and had a job interview (which I didn’t get). I’ve handed in another TMA so am now about half way through the course, and had the disappointment of my marked script back.
I’ve had a birthday and become the proud adopted parent of a pair of aardvarks – Kiyo and Misha at London Zoo. I can’t wait to visit them when it gets a little warmer.
We’ve had our first writers group without Anne, where we worked out how to make it work now. Homework to write a piece of flash fiction of 140 characters including spaces! (I must work on that)
And finally yesterday I went to Southampton again for the second OU day school for A363. Only 5 students turned up which was slightly disappointing but did mean we had more time for discussing work.
I wrote a couplet about clouds:

A baby elephant gallops over the hill
Before its gone it’s turned into a ship.

And a four line poem about the shadows of two men who have just jumped off a bridge into a river.

Shadows released,
No desire to be wet.
They sit; waiting
For their owners return.

I will try and blog more often but its going to stay busy for a bit, with exam marks at work coming in and more TMA deadlines looming, and I’m the next chair for the writers group so need to come up with a homework. Blimey!

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