Saturday, 23 October 2010

No time to think

This week we had our first writers group since June. Nearly everyone had bought some work with them and the variety was amazing; poems, a chapter of a children’s book, a description of an alien girl and some comedy sketches. All good work. I’ve been working on a set of 3 poems but they weren’t ready in time for the meeting. Maybe for next time.

Then on Thursday I went to my 5th bookbinding evening class. More work on taking a book apart and getting ready to put it back together again. But Sarah also bought in a couple of books about ‘exposed spine sewing’ which I have borrowed. I’m hoping this will help me to prefect my Coptic sewing and give me some new ideas too.

Then yesterday I finally left my job as an Programme Administator. It was a bit of an odd day as I said good bye to people I’ve worked with for nearly 4 years to the day, only to move to a new building, maybe 100 yards away, to join the web team.
To be honest I haven’t had time to worry about the new job, as my first TMA for the Children’s Literature course is due in next Thursday!

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