Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Missing: One Memory Stick (again)

We had my first writers group of the new year today.  As I was away in Egypt for the last meeting Martin chaired and it sounds like he did a fab job.
Today’s meeting was small, but it did mean that everyone got to read their work out in full which was great.  A radio comedy, a short story based on the homework, the beginnings of a novella (based in the war hammer world) and the 3rd part of a banker’s novel.  All great fun.

But annoying I’ve lost (meaning probably left it at home) my memory stick again.  This is more annoying than normal as I actually had worked on a short story which I could have read out at the meeting.
I know what I’ve done.  I was working hard on TMA04 last night and although I would swear I took it out of my machine at home and put it in my handbag, its probably still sitting in the USB port.  I really hope it is anyway.
Anyone got any bright ideas on how I can keep it with me?  
It’s easily the 3rd time in 3 months that I’ve done this.

This month’s homework – to continue from the following sentence:

There was no time to think as she felt the cold steel of the knife…

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