Thursday, 17 March 2011

March Writers Group

We had the March Writers Group on Tuesday.
I even had something to read out having both printed my work a couple of days ago and remembered my memory stick.
At it was a 3 page story about magic vs technology I won’t put it up, but I do love the cockney demon bunny who features.  It was nice to read something out and have people laugh at the right times.

Also, one of the members who works in the library has saved the 2009 Writers & Artists Yearbook for the group as it was about to be chucked out.  I would love to have a set of books as resources for the group.  It’s just a shame that we don’t have a physical present anywhere to keep them.

This months homework: Margaret wasn’t her real name.  It seemed safer and more sedate than the one she used in her professional life.

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