Thursday, 18 August 2011

This Week’s Writers Group

This week’s writers group saw a good turn out considering it’s the middle of August.  We actually ran late discussing ways to help improve our editing skills, something we all lack.  The best suggestion – reading your work out loud so you can hear when things don’t work.
I read out a very short piece that I’ve been working on for the local libraries creative writing competition – ‘Holiday heaven or holiday hell’.  It’s quite hard to get to the heart of something in only 250 words but everyone seemed to think I did ok.

The homework this week – Imagine you are the mother or father of an infamous person (real or fictional).  Now write something (a monologue, story, poem) in the first person about what that person is (or was) like as a child, in a way that explains how s/he later turned out as an adult.  (borrowed from Mslexia)

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