Monday, 10 October 2011

Running a 10k

Now that I’m not studying I’ve been enjoying going for a run on a Sunday morning.  I’m still working on my distance so it’s quite a short run – about 2.7 miles and some of that walking.  But each time I go out I seem to walk less and I hope that some time in the near future I will run the whole thing, then I can start expanding it.
Yesterday was no different but as I ran past the park, full of chaps playing rugby, I saw lots of runners too and realised it was the day of the Downland Challenge 10k race.
I wasn’t sure what route they would be taking but as I ran I went past many signs warning drivers of runners in the road, and number signs counting down the kms.
This was a little worrying, the last thing I wanted was to get caught up in a race when I wasn’t racing and would need to stop and walk pretty soon.
Luckily I had reached my turning point and was on my way back before they arrived.  They looked like quite a formidable lot and I was glad to be on the other side of the road, but part of me wanted to be running with them and if I’d had more breathe I would have been cheering them on.  Further on I saw the junior runners and wanted to cheer them on even more.
The idea of running 10k at the moment is like trying to imagine what a million pounds looks like.  I can work out how long it would take me in theory, but the idea of running that far without having to stop is beyond me. 
But 8 months ago running 2.7 miles (even if I walk some of it) or even a full mile was also beyond me, so maybe 10k is possible after all.

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