Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Writers Group with a Difference

Today at the writers group, rather than sharing our work like normal we were visited by two members of University staff who are also published authors.
Both were published in May this year and both have gone down the self publish route but that is where the similarities end.
Mike Riley decided on a publish on demand approach with Pegasus MacKenzie for his crime novel Reading the Streets, while Phil James, who writes under the name Peter Jackel, used Amazon for his gothic thriller The Shadow of Death.
The hour flew as we chatted with them about all aspects of their journey from writer to published authors.  As the organiser I had been a little worried about the meeting.  What if no one turned up?  What if all they wanted to do was try and sell their book?  What if their books are rubbish?  Etc.
But it went really well, with both Mike and Phil coming across so well that I can’t wait to read their books.  
I will have to ask the group, but maybe this is something we should do again some time.

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