Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Paper Animations

A mouse hug
Agreeable Sheep

A couple of weeks ago while looking for something else completely I came across  It looked interesting.  I looked further, I realised it is amazing!
Rob has designed and created loads of moving paper models, or paper animations as he calls them, and you can buy and download the designs to make for yourself.
I had been filling very uninspired on the creative front recently (as you may have noticed), but it is easy to be inspired when you’ve got such exciting projects to create.
Or Goat - one of 3 logic goats
Dog ate my homework
Wag the dog
Of course I then have the problem of what to do with them once they are made.  The easy answer – give them to my work colleagues for Christmas.  They are just the thing to make a work desk a happier place.  So on the last day in the office, the team came in to find some little friends on their desks.  They seemed to go down well.  I look forward to making more.

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