Thursday, 16 February 2012

The mysterious disappearing prop shaft

Yesterday morning ‘im outdoors got into his truck, started it up and went to pull away.  But the truck didn’t go anywhere and he feared the gear box was having issues again.  He hopped out and had a quick look underneath to make sure everything looked ok and there he found a small pile of bolts and a space where his prop shaft should be.
Luckily he wasn’t on his way to work and so he had time to ring the police and then some garages to find a new one.  Seems prop shafts for his truck are hard to come by and it is going to cost £800+ for it to be replaced.  We can only assume that someone else didn’t have the £800+ to fix theirs and so has nicked one instead.  But what makes them think we can afford that cost our selves?  ‘im outdoors has not had any work for the last 6 weeks – part of being a landscaper that we are aware of and do plan for, but that doesn’t make it any easier.  And now he has some work he can’t get to it.
At least they did not steal all his tools, as happened to friends of ours a couple of years ago, but we are both still fuming.
I hate living in a society where nicking stuff happens and where more often than not they get away with it.  My boss’ bike was stolen from outside work just before Christmas.  Even with his details stamped on it, it is still very unlikely he will see it again.  (I’m not blaming the police, I’m sure they try their very best, and I know I wouldn’t know where to start if I had to find a stolen bike.)
It makes me want to shout – What is wrong with these people?

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