Monday, 28 October 2013

Fleet 10K

Yesterday morning before it got really wet and windy I took part in the the Fleet 10k race.
It was my first 10k race and I was pretty nervous.  I knew I could run the distance but the thing I really wanted to do was run it in under an hour.  At the 5k mark I was feeling good and had a time just over 28 minutes.  Not my fastest 5k time ever, but under 30 minutes and leaving me with something in the tank for the last 5k.  In the end I came in 364 out of 504 in 55:37. 
The fact that the winner came in nearly half an hour ahead of me is a little scary.  That's really fast!  But I am happy with my time and feel that its all good practice for the half marathon next March.  I just need a few more miles under my belt, I hope the winter isn't too harsh.

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