Thursday, 27 February 2014

Bone marrow donation

Ever since I can remember I've wanted to give blood.  I can't remember now exactly why, but I imagine it might have had something to do with one of my many trips to hospital due to being an accident prone kid.
As soon as I was old enough - aged 17, I made my first donation, and I've tried to be pretty regular with them since then.  I'm up to something like 42 donations now.
At some point I put my name down on the bone marrow donor register too and on 1 Jan I received a letter tell me that I might be a match with someone and would I consent to them checking my DNA out in detail.

How could I say no?
If I or any one of my loved ones ever need blood or bone marrow (or while we're on the subject, some other body part) I would expect it to be there for them.  But with that expectation comes the responsibility of offering my blood, bone marrow or any other organs (as long as I don't need them any more) in return.

I've just received the letter to say they have found a better match, but I would have stepped up if that was needed, and maybe one day it will be.

Do you expect blood to be there if you need it?  Then all I ask is you donate a pint every four months or so.  It is so simple, just an hour of your time, and yet so many of us don't.  Who knows who you might be helping.

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