Saturday 31 January 2015


'im outdoors bought this wonderful little bench home last weekend.  Just something he knocked up out of some off cuts from a job.  Its perfect.  I've already had a little sit, but I'm really looking forward to using it in the summer.

So would you say that was creative?  I would.  But he disagrees.  And I've found this a lot with various people - if it isn't one of the classic 'arts' - you know painting or drawing etc, then you're not creative.  I despair!  What could be more creative than making a bench which looks so good and is comfy to sit on?  Or making a flight of steps in a garden that look good, and are easy to walk up?  

I truly believe that everyone is creative in someway - we just have to get away from what school teaches us and remember that creativity is a much bigger thing than just being able to draw.  Go on, go do something fun - I bet its creative too.

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@fabriKatie said...

Totally agree. On The Apprentice a few months ago one of the contestants said, "I'm not a very creative person". I wanted to tell her that she wouldn't be on the programme if she wasn't a creative person.