Thursday 22 October 2015

Crochet stars and snowflakes

Ages ago, in the summer, when I still had a job and didn’t know what GA was, I attended a workshop to learnt how to crochet.  It was great fun, kinda like knitting but a bit more relaxed and I took to it like water.  When I saw they were also running a workshop on crochet stars and snowflakes I signed up straight away.  I love stars!  

And it would be something to keep me motivated to use the skills I had just learnt.
So tonight I rushed home from London and out to Stitched By You for a couple of hours of crochet.

We started with a simple snowflake.  Then made a slightly bigger one (I also have the pattern for the next size up too).  Then I moved on to star’s; one with 5 points and one with 6 (because I miss-judged the spacing).

You can’t really see it in the photos but the wool has a sparkle to it, which is perfect for both stars and snowflakes.  If they were hung on a christmas tree, for instance, they would twinkle as they moved.

It was a lovely evening, maybe because I was concentrating so hard I didn’t think about UX once!  Or maybe just because I’ve missed creating things like this.  I wonder how many I can make out of one ball of wool?

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