Saturday, 7 November 2015

UXDI - Week 10

Me with Ben, Zhenjie and Simon - last rehearsal 
So there it is 10 weeks done and UXDI complete.  Except it’s not really - now the hard work begins as we sort out our portfolios and start to look for jobs.
I have had an amazing 10 weeks!  I’m so glad of all my previous reading, I think I would have found some of it much harder without it, and of course there were ups and downs, but right now I am just amazed at the amount I have learnt and how well our final project went.
Coffee shop paper prototype - a little bit of last day fun
Week 10 was all about Wednesday.  On that day all our clients came, one by one, to hear us present the work of the past 2 weeks. My group were last and the bar was high after watching everyone else’s presentations, but when we finally stood up there it went really well and ALL the feedback was so positive!
To have the client ask if I would continue on the project was another real confidence booster.

The final presentation
I have to say a huge thank you to everyone at GA - not just Andrew and Luis but all the people like Laura and the TA's working behind the scenes just making it all happen.  Also to the rest of the class, everyone has been so nice and supportive - it made it so easy to work with them.

And finally I have to say a massive thank you to ‘im outdoors.  For all the lifts to and from the station, all the dinners cooked for me and for all the UX stuff he’s had to listen to and read every day without a word of complaint.  I might have been able to do it without him, but it certainly wouldn’t have been such a good experience.

So in true UXDI style here are my three key takeaways from the course:
1. Don’t be so precious about your work.  Be ok with chucking it out and starting again (once you’ve taken photos)
2. Take photos of everything, you never know when you might need them
3. Time management is key (I already knew this, but I think it might have been a new concept to some of my class mates)

So now is the start of a brand new adventure.  I don’t know what comes next but I’m excited to find out…

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