Sunday 7 August 2016

Frida's Flower Blanket part 8

After 4 months of crocheting the Frida Flower Blanket is finished!  The last bit was to add the edging which holds it all together and just finishes it off.  A nice straight forward way to finish, even if each edge was pretty long. 

I love the end result.  The colours are amazing and I love the 3D flowers.  It's hard to remember that I created each one.

And I've learnt so much in the process, but as its been so gradual as I've made each square it hasn't felt like learning at all.  I'm not quite at the point of being able to design my own, but I feel I can go on to other patterns with confidence.

I'm going to have a little break from crochet now, but I'll be back.  I have a massive list of things I still want to make.

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