Sunday, 30 October 2016

Another knitted bear

Normally at this time of year I am busy collecting things to go into a shoebox to be sent to a child somewhere who won't receive anything this Christmas. But due to another project we're working on I've not had as much time or money as normal.

However, I have just started a new job, much closer to home, which has cut my commute by half and means I have more time in the evenings for things like knitting.  So rather than put together a shoebox, I have knitted another little bear.

 He will be sent out to Knit For Peace who will be able to pass him on to someone who needs a hug this Christmas.  They are an amazing organisation, who will take any knitting and pass it on to those who needed it, be it in the UK or abroad.

I would have made him a jumper too, but as always there is never enough hours in the day even when you get 2 of them back!  So instead I crocheted him a scarf (using leftover wool from my cardy).  I'm sure that will help to keep him warm, wherever he might end up.  I send him with love and hope he gives someone comfort when needed.

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