Saturday, 8 July 2017

Tiny flowers

Ages ago I bought some lenses to use with my phone.

As with all these things they got put to one side and a bit forgotten, until now.  I've taken to walking round the lake at lunch times at work, and as the season has progressed and I've seen all the beautiful wild flowers growing round it I decided to take the lenses with me on a walk and see what I could capture.

I was so impressed with the images I also look the lens with me when we visited Uppark recently. 

It's the macro lens which has been really impressing me.  It can be a little tricky - the lightest breeze makes the flowers move like they are in a gale! And in the sunshine my phone screen doesn't always show a very good image.  I also find using the touch screen button tricky!  
But I still somehow manage to take the odd good photo (there are many more blurry ones). 

Its amazing what you can see when you stop and look!

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