Sunday, 30 September 2018

A Bear Jumper

For Christmas a couple of years ago I knitted my mum a bear.  I had wanted to make him a jumper too but ran out of time.
So when my parents agreed to look after Milo for the 3 nights we were in Scotland for the marathon I realised this was the time to make the bear a jumper.

Flat jumper before being sewn up
Now most people would just buy their folks some good Scottish whiskey and shortbread while they are up there, but my mum has lost loads of weight this year so she could have a knee operation (which was a grand success) so I didn't want to get them food when they have both done so well losing weight.

They also recently got themselves matching fleeces in bright orange and I loved the idea that the bear could also have a matching jumper.
Mum seemed pretty chuffed with it and put bear straight into it.  I hope it keeps him warm.

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