Saturday, 18 April 2020

Five point origami star garland

Last Christmas I came across a tutorial to make a five point origami star garland.  It looked so pretty and would be a lovely addition to the Christmas decorations, however what with work and being ill and all the family stuff I never had the chance to actually make it.

Front of a star
Finally with a week off over Easter and nowhere to go, I had time to give it a go.
I followed this brilliant tutorial, first learning how to make my square origami paper into a pentagon and then how to fold it into a star.  Once I understood how to do it, it was really easy and I soon had a good pile of stars ready to make into a garland.

Back of a star
The hardest part was getting the garland to hang right - too much thread and the stars all slide down to the middle and too little and they sit against the wall and don't move. 

The garland looks good now, but took nearly as long to get right as to make all the stars! So now I can't decide if I should pack it away with the Christmas stuff ready for December or leave it up.
I'd love to have a go at making them with bigger or smaller paper and see how far I can take it.

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