Sunday, 28 September 2008

A Busy Week

Well this week has been a long and busy one. The new first years started on Monday and I’ve spent all week getting them settled. I also had a lady drive into the back of my car, so have been trying to sort that out too. (don’t worry its not too bad and no one was hurt)
I do find it frustrating when work takes over like that and I’m left with very little time to be creative. I’ve stories that I really want to work on and ideas for books to make, amongst other things.
I did however manage to make my first bespoke book. It’s my friend’s birthday on Tuesday and she asked for a book with lined paper!
I’ve only made blank books so far, so this was a new challenge.
Finally found some A4 pads of graph paper which were perfect. They did have holes along one edge so I cut them off, which I think made the book quite a nice shape. I covered it with blue paper with circles on, and as soon as I’ve got a camera that works I will post a photo here for all to see.

Also this week I sent off two stories for competitions, and ordered my tickets for the book festival. Something to look forward to at least.

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