Friday, 19 September 2008

The Guildford Book Festival

I’ve finally got my copy of the Guildford Book Festival brochure. Yay! I’m quite excited. The Festival is between 16th – 25th October, with lots of things happening all over Guildford. You can find out more here.

After my first quick flick through I’m thinking about going to:
‘How to Write a Novel with a Pack of Cards, a Kitchen Timer and a Piece of String’ a workshop run by Alison Joseph,
‘Plot Overview’ a work shop run by Greg Mosse,
A talk by Ray Mears called Vanishing World,
Tea with Wendy Cope and
‘How to Decide – Novel, Short Story or Poetry?’ Gerard Woodward and Tessa Hadley discuss.

Of course there’s so much else happening, Wednesday 22nd Oct seems to be a crime day, and there’s lots of things for familys and children too, that if I could just spend the couple of weeks of the festival wondering round Guildford going to talks and workshops I probably would.

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