Friday, 12 June 2009

A Brand New Bed


So the bedroom has been painted and best of all the new bed has arrived.
As you can see we’ve gone from a deep pink to a lovely light green and have matched our curtains and bedding, as you do.
Best of all the bed is hand made so keeping in line with the handmade pledge.
Ours is an Apple bed from Warren Evans. I got the big king sized so ‘im outdoors won’t have his feet hanging over the edge and it only took 10 days to be delivered. I was very impressed with the service, from ordering to arrival, they were very helpful and ‘im outdoors said he didn’t even have time to open all the post before they had the bed up and ready.
Tonight is the first sleep. Fingers crossed that its as comfy as it looks!


shortfornothing said...

That is a BIG bed! I get that you need the length but does it really need to be so wide? You two aren't exactly chubsters!

Wild Creations said...

Trust me, the bed can't be too big!