Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Reading the Post

Sorry I haven’t blogged for a bit. We’ve got Graduation at work this week so I've been rather busy with student results and transcripts in the last couple of weeks. At home we’ve been busy painting and finally have a living room which looks like a home. I’ll be posting photos as soon as I have access to a computer to down load them!
The last room to do is the ‘study’ and I’m really excited. 1. I’m really excited about having it all finished (after the ‘study’ we just need to give the hall a quick coat of paint then its all done – well except for the garden!) and 2. I can’t wait to have a proper room to work in, with lots of space and a place for everything. And a computer with internet at home. It’s amazing how much I’ve missed it.

Anyway today we had a writer’s group meeting. A smaller meeting than normal as most students have gone home and people are busy with Graduation but it was still a good session. Last times home work was to ‘describe or invent a time you (or a character you're writing about, if that makes it easier) read someone else's post. What did it reveal to you about the person? And how did you feel about yourself?’
This is what I wrote. I meant to write more but ran out of time.

I had to really shove the door to get it open, and when there was finally enough room for me to squeeze through the gap I could see why. Envelopes and newspapers were
piled up behind it in a multi coloured heap.
I started to collect it, trying to sort it as I went, but in the end there was just too much so I gathered it to my chest and walked it into the kitchen, leaving a trail of plastic covered brochures which had slithered out of my arms.
I couldn’t believe how much post and junk mail a little old lady could receive in two weeks. Ten daily news papers – the daily mail, as well as the mail on Sunday with all its supplements. Begging letters from every charity under the sun, full of free pens to help you write that cheque and photos of suffering children/cats/dogs/donkeys/bears/whales, select as appropriate, to make you feel as guilty as hell.
I’d gone back and picked up all the brochures and magazines that I’d dropped. National Trust, RHS, RSPB, cloths/travel/food for the over 60s.
And then to one side a small pile of serious brown envelops which would all need to be read carefully and then replied to, mostly with the sad news that my grandma had died.

This months group really reminded me how much I like to write. I hope that I'll have much more time for it over the summer - its ages since I've sent anything out, or even writen anything that would be good enough to send out.

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