Tuesday, 21 July 2009

On a Motorway...

Ok so I spoke too soon. We do have broadband at the flat and the study is coming on by leaps and bounds (thanks to ‘im outdoors), but there is something wrong with my computer which means that it is becoming very sluggish. And anyone who has ever tried to use Photoshop when your computer has slowed to the speed of the M25 in rush hour will know the sort of frustration I am struggling with.
Little does it know that this mean we will be wiping its brains and starting again (I’m writing this at work). Hopefully this will sort it out, as I’ve lots of projects that I am desperate to get started on, but there isn’t much point if I can’t get the thing to go.

Also as I’ve finished studying the CWI website design course (although I’m still waiting for paperwork from them about this) I’ve just signed up for A363 Advanced Creative Writing with the Open University. I’m so glad I’ve kept up my writing with the writers group at work. Which leads nicely into the fact that the group met for the last time this ‘year’ today. We’ll be meeting again in September. There were many people there so I didn’t get to read my work out but I’ll still post it below.
The starting point is the sentence; You're on a motorway and there's a car out of control coming towards you...

It’s not like in the movies; no car’s flying through the air or exploding. Most people have seen the black BMW coming towards them on the wrong side of the motorway, and moved out of the way.
There are a few bumps but no injuries and it looks like we might be able to stop this idiot before there are any fatalities.
We’ve stopped as much traffic as we can and now I’m standing in the shadow of my unmarked car with the stinger in my hands ready to deploy.
‘Ready Kate?’
That’s a tire deflation device in the handbook, but anyone who’s watched any sort of police TV programme should know what I’m talking about.
‘Yes sir.’
The problem is that too many people have seen these TV shows so I have to get my timing just right.
‘Suspect one mile away.’
If I fling it out in front of him too early and he sees it and knows what it is, he’ll try and go round it.
‘All units ready.’
If I do it too late, it won’t do its job and stop him. Of course it’s all going to happen really fast.
He’s travelling at well over 100 mph and from what I’ve heard he does not want to be caught, but then he has done a pretty nasty thing.
‘Suspect in sight!’
I can hear it now, the growl of his engine coming at super speed followed by two whaling squad cars. They know what’s coming so they are easing back so they don’t deflate too, but gently so he’s not aware of what’s coming.
I can normally see the drivers eyes by the time I do this, but this time his eyes are covered by the shades he is wearing, and I’m glad because I don’t want to look into these eyes.

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