Thursday, 9 July 2009

Nearly Finished

How exciting is this? I am sitting in our ‘study’ typing on my computer which is all set up and connected to the internet!! Ok so the room still needs some work, but we’re connected to the net and that’s the thing I’ve really missed. It also means that I now have no excuse for not blogging and I can try and get more posts up this month than the four from June (and May).
The living room is pretty much finished, it just needs some pictures on the walls, but ‘im outdoors has so many we haven’t been able to decide which ones yet.
I can’t believe how much space we have, even with a table, six chairs, a sofa, a fish tank and all the shelving.


We’ve painted the kitchen and given the hall a freshen up and except for some shelving in cupboards that we need to add, and finishing sorting my junk at my parents house we are very nearly there. It’s a good feeling.
(Does Ikea furniture count as hand made if we put it all together ourselves?)

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