Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Writers Group - August meeting

This months writers group was a pretty small affair as many people were on holiday.  This meant we got to listen to everyones pieces and do a quick writing exercise.  For our exercise I gave the line ‘I told you I’ve not got anything for you, so why are you following me?’ she asked, her voice trembling as a starting point and then gave everyone 10 minutes to write something.  As always the variety if ideas amazed me.

Homework: While reading our local paper a couple of weeks ago I came across the headline ‘Thieves and saboteurs sought’.  I was most disappointed to find this wasn’t a request for people to join a local theatre group, but a story of a real robbery.  Look in your local newspaper and see if you can find a headline which could be read in several different ways and use this as the inspiration for your story.  Do not use the original story as your inspiration.

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