Sunday 23 March 2014

Knitting needle wrap

Last month me and Katie went to Unravel - a knitting festival.  It was full of everything you could think of that was related to knitting in any way and we had a lovely morning looking at all the lovely things.
I'd been thinking about getting a full set of knitting needles, and having looked at some bamboo ones at the festival I decided to get some.  I got a full set from The Bamboo Knitting Centre and they are beautiful and I no longer get numb fingers when I knit.

But where to store all my needles?  I decided I needed a case of some sort and after much thought came up with the above design.  I killed a sewing machine in the process (it was quite old) and had to borrow a slightly newer one from my dad, but I am so pleased with the finished wrap.  I know that my needles, even the really fine ones, are all safe in here.

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