Tuesday, 18 March 2014

March writers group

Last month I really felt inspired to put pen to paper, but what came out wasn't quite right.  Of course writing is a craft, something you have to work at - if everything came out perfect then everyone would do it!  So with a bit of work I'm sure my story will be ok, but I've lost interest in it now.  And if I'm not interested how can I expect anyone else to be interested?

So I turned up at the Writers Group without anything to read, again.
Quite a small turn out, but it did mean that we could look with real detail at the stories that were presented.

This months homework: Use the following as either the starting line or the inspiration for a story or poem: And although they were sad they rescued everyone. 
(Lyric from ‘A spoonful weighs a ton’ – The Flaming Lips)

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