Sunday, 13 July 2014

Making a light tent

Having spent the last year planning a wedding and a few years before that studying I wasn't really sure what to do now I've got some real free time.
I would really like to improve the photos I take of the things I make, and seeing as 'im outdoors gave me The Crafters Guide to Taking Great Photos by Heidi Adnum for Christmas last year I thought I'd start there.
The book is full of really interesting examples and tutorials, one of which was for making a light tent.  The idea is to create even light and softer shadows.
I saved a huge cardboard box deliberately for this project earlier this year and its been getting in the way ever since.  But now it's had its sides cut out and lots of white paint and tracing paper added it should help me to take better photos of my books etc whatever the weather.  There is lots of useful advice in this little book and I hope to use lots of it to my advantage.

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