Sunday 14 June 2015

Copying your clothes

Yesterday I went up to West Norwood in London to Tilly and the Buttons HQ for the Copy Your Clothes Workshop.  I was pretty excited about the class - I really enjoyed making my Coco dress and want to make more of my own clothes.  But what really excited my about this class was the fact it would let me recreate my very favourite skirt which is slowly dying on me.

The workshop was run by Zoe who was hugely enthusiastic and happy to answer all our questions.  It was a small group too, just 6 of us so we all got the personal treatment.  Not the biggest room in the world, but perfect for our needs. As was the constant supply of tea, coffee and biscuits. 

By the end of the 4 hour session I had a pattern for my skirt drawn out, and a second pattern for a top pretty much ready to go too.  The idea that I just need to find some material and I can get making is really exciting.

So if you are interested it recreating your favourite items of clothing, this might be the course for you.  I really enjoyed it and keep thinking of items which I could make pattern's for now.  And best of all, once I'm happy with a pattern there is no reason why I can't tweak it a bit to make it even better.

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