Monday, 16 January 2017

A new address

I’m a bit of a traditionalist so knowing that we would be moving soon I started thinking about how to let everyone know our new address.  I think it’s a shame now that often you just get a text or email with a new address - I like something a little more physical.
We’d been hoping to move before Christmas, so my thinking was to send something out with the Christmas cards.  And then we got pushed back to January, but after thinking about it for a bit I decided this plan would still work.
Having worked as a UX Designer for the past year, and working closely with UI Designers at the same time, I’ve learnt that it is totally ok to look at what other people are doing before starting design.  I’m not talking about copying, but competitor analysis and idea generation.  
So I started by looking at the Noun Project to see how people draw houses and what house and home mean to others.
Having done some research I started sketching out ideas for illustrations to show the idea of moving house.  I had a few I really liked, but when I spoke to ‘im outdoors we narrowed it down to one.

Now I had to decide.  Did I draw it by hand and scan it in or should I try using Adobe Illustrator?  Because I only wanted something very simple, line drawings really I thought I’d try with the software first.
Watching how my colleagues do things in Illustrator must have paid off as I managed to create my little houses.  And where I got a bit stuck Google helped me out.
And there we have it, moving from the flat on a hill to a house backing onto a woodland.
I love little projects like this.  A bit different from what I do day to day but with a real purpose behind it.

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