Thursday, 26 January 2017

Making a pair of trousers - part 2

Last night I was back for part 2 of my trouser sewing course.  We carried on from where we left off last week with our calico trousers, so I started the evening by finishing my second pocket.  

Then I started putting together the legs.  I started by sewing the inside legs up and together, then added a fly.  As we were just making these to check the fit I didn’t add a zip or button so still not 100% sure how that bit will work, but I’m getting the general idea.

Then I sewed up the outside legs and added the pieces to make the waist.
And then I tried them on!!  It is always crazy to try on something you’ve made.  

They were too long and a bit baggy but nothing that can’t be fixed with a little fitting.
So next week I will be able to amend my pattern to make them a bit more fitted then start cutting out my ‘good’ material to make the final pair.

I expect the making of the ‘good’ trousers will take a bit longer as I’ll be adding 2 more pockets, a zip and a lining and generally taking more care than I have with the calico trousers.  I can’t wait.

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