Saturday, 15 April 2017

George the long haired pink bear

A year after making a mohair bear called Cyril, I had forgotten most of the pain associated with hand sewing long fur.  So when I came across some gorgeous pink fur at the knitting and stitching show, I couldn't help but buy it.  When I made Cyril, I had copied the pattern a size bigger too and had hoped the bigger pattern would fit on this material, but not so.

Over the course of a week I cut the bits out and stitched them together carefully by hand.  In the process I got totally covered in fluff!
Then he was carefully stuffed and joints added on arms, legs and head before stitching up.

He's come out really well and with a bit of careful trimming round his muzzle I think he looks quite friendly.  However considering he came from the same pattern as Cyril, I am surprised how different he looks.  I can only assume this is something to do with the weight of the material I used.
I know I shouldn't have favorites, but Cyril still holds that title.  Sorry George.

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