Saturday, 20 January 2018

Rowan the Reindeer

I saw this knitting pattern at the end of November and thought he would make a great present for my mum, who loves toys.  I thought I'd just have time to make him if all the wool came quickly, and I would have if I hadn't crushed my finger.  This stopped all knitting and crochet and lots of other things for about 2 weeks and meant there was no way to finish him in time for the big day.

Flu after Christmas had me wondering if I would ever finish him, but here he is all done.  I found the pattern on LoveKnitting by Pretty Little Sheep, and it was really easy to follow and put together.  He's a lovely lad, a bit bigger than I was expecting, but Mum really loved him, as did my sister and Milo.  
It was also my first go at moss stitch for his scarf - what an easy stitch to do and looks really good.  
So all in all a big success.

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