Sunday, 4 February 2018

A Mughug

 'im outdoors bought himself a new mug for work.  Apparently its thermal and keeps his tea/coffee nice and warm.  However I think it looks cold and not the sort of thing you can warm your hands on.  So I made him a mughug.

 I guess you could describe it as a jumper for his mug.  Seeing as his mug is tiny and I was making it as a surprise so couldn't really test my knitting against the mug, I was really pleased with how it came out.  It could do with being a tiny bit tighter but its pretty close.
I made it in moss stitch as its pretty easy to do, then did the last couple of rows using the lovely double pointed needles my friend Katie got me for my birthday.

It was my first attempt knitting in the round and using double pointed needles and although I could do with some more practice it came out well.  As with most things knitting, it really wasn't that hard once I got my head round it.  And I already have a project in mind that will be needing these skills.
Its off to work tomorrow and that's when we'll see just how good a mughug it really is. 

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