Saturday, 10 February 2018


For my birthday this year I received many interesting things.  One of which was a butterfly making kit from AssembliShop on Etsy. 

The kit holds three different butterflies laser cut from cardboard, which just need popping out and assembling, following their very clear instructions.  The box suggests you'll need 45 minutes, but I'm pretty sure it didn't take me that long.

The butterflies are so pretty and the sort of size you'd expect them somewhere tropical.  Their wings are iridescent, changing colour as the light catches them.

They also come with a handy stand - again just pop out the pieces and assemble.  Its up to you how you display them, but each butterfly has a small hole in its body, just right for hanging, if you don't want to use the stand.

The packaging is just as ingenious as the butterflies themselves. Very simple but elegant and easy to use without too much waste.

Mine are now displayed on the brick chimney breast, just what it needed to finish the room off.

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