Sunday, 27 January 2019

Georgous Cakes - part 17

Pain d'epice
This week I made Red, White and Blue Buns, a Pain d'epice and a Black Forest Victoria.  The buns ended up being just blue buns as I didn't have any red and white rose petals to decorate them with.

Blue buns
The pain d'epice looks quite plain but is actually quite sweet. 
And the black forest victoria was put together at my in-laws as I was worried it wouldn't survive the drive otherwise.  It was for my Mother-in-laws birthday and went down very well.  (There was no suggestion that we might take any back home with us!  :) )

Black Forest Victoria

Red, White and Blue Buns: These are a bit odd.  I love the lemon icing but they've got a bit oily at the bottom.

Pain d'epice:  This is nice and lasted the week well.  'im outdoors said it reminded him of banana bread but without the nasty banana.

Black Forest Victoria:  This was pretty good and went down well with everyone.  Not sure how long it would last but we didn't get the chance to find out.

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