Thursday, 3 January 2019

Solomon C Gull

Last year I knitted my mum Rowan the Reindeer for Christmas, although he was late due to a hand injury!  So this year when my dad sent me a link to a page of knitted and crochet seagulls I kinda guessed he was asking for one.
However I found it really hard to find a pattern that looked nice.  The first one I liked the look of seemed to have been taken down and I spent ages looking for another.

Finally I found Solomon C Gull on The Little Song Bird.  He looked just like the seagulls I run past in Bournemouth and so with only a couple of weeks till Christmas I bought the pattern and then some wool.
He's made with King Cole Big Value super chunky wool and came out more life sized than I'd realised he would when I bought the pattern!  However I think he looks really good and my dad seems very happy.

He was really easy to make and when I had a question and emailed them, they came back to me very quickly with exactly what I needed.
This was a fun project to work on and expanded my knowledge again.  
I now have so many possible patterns I could make (knitting, crochet and stitching) I think I will have to give up full time work just to keep up with my collection!  Isn't that the dream. 

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