Saturday, 29 February 2020

Virtual Running - part 2

On 27th February I finally 'arrived' in Paris.  
It's taken me 2 months, but I've managed to run the 214 miles needed to run from London to Paris as part of my virtual running challenge this year.  Admittedly most of them were in London, but every mile counts.
This challenge is a bit weird, in that there is no finish line to run under to know you have finished.  There is only the spreadsheet I've created with all my mileage logged.  It was a very weird feeling to look on the spreadsheet and realised that at some point on my run that morning I had completed my first challenge.  But it was also a very satisfied feeling to know that I had done it, even missing a few long runs due to storms and a grumpy ankle.
So in January I ran 125.74 miles, in February 91.84 miles.  
To complete my biggest challenge of 1000 miles in 12 months, I still have 782.42 miles to go, but right now that seems very possible and with the uncertainty of coronavirus and all the cancelled running events right now, it also feels like I chose the best challenge possible this year.
On to my next challenge - 220 miles 'along' the River Severn.

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