Sunday, 9 February 2020

A Curtly Roll

Not the real office curtly
Years ago I received a set of curtly for use in the office from a good friend.  If I remember rightly, it was after I'd moaned to her about how disgusting the curtly at the office was and how I didn't want to use it for my lunch.
That set of curtly, consisting of a knife, fork, soup spoon and tea spoon, have accompanied me to many jobs, sitting in a drawer with a plate and soup bowl waiting to help me with my lunch and other snacks.

However my newest job doesn't involve drawers.  Because we can hot-desk round the office we have lockers instead.  I can't say I'm a fan, but I guess it does keep your junk a bit more manageable.
But my curtly set wasn't enjoying my locker, always seeming to disappear to the bottom of the stack, and so with a long-run free Sunday, due to Storm Ciara, I decided to create myself a curtly roll.

Using a spare tea towel and some left over ribbon, I made something that looks nice but is very practical, holding my curtly and allowing me to give it a quick dry after washing too.
Its very similar in design to the knitting needle wrap I made 6 (!!) years ago. 
It'll be going to work with me tomorrow and will hopefully show my curtly just how much it means to me.

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