Sunday, 16 November 2008

Christmas Craft Fair

Hello, sorry I’ve been so slow to post this week, it’s been pretty busy. ‘im outdoors has been here all week working on a patio for my parents, so I’ve had no time for anything else.

Today I went to the Christmas Craft Fair at South Hill Park.
I can’t believe how many stalls they managed to fit in, every time you went round a corner there was another one. Most seemed to be jewellery, with ceramics and knitting thrown in. There was also a stall selling yew boxes, I’ve seen him before and already own one, and a stall selling didgeridoos and bamboo flutes.
It was great to just walk round and look at what other people do, something it’s hard to do normally. The atmosphere was great and I loved the stall holders who were working on products so you could see what they were doing. One lady was caving an elephant out of a huge block of clay.
I did notice a distinct lack of little handmade books thought, so maybe something to aim for?

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