Sunday, 9 November 2008

The One Minute Writer

I have just found another brilliant blog. It is called The One Minute Writer, and gives daily prompts to write about. You’re meant to just spend a minute to start with but I guess if it gives you an idea or the flow feels good, there is nothing to stop you from going on.
Here’s what I wrote for today’s prompt: Write about a memorable party or gathering you attended.

My favorite party so far has been in Richmond Park in London.
It was the middle of summer – a hot sunny day with no clouds. So we traipsed up the hill, passed all the shops and hustle and bustle of Richmond until suddenly although you can see London, you are in the middle of a park.
We found the perfect spot under some trees and spread out our picnic. Everyone had bought something and we stuffed ourselves with fresh French bread and salad and pimms and cake. We left as it got dark and stopped half way down the hill at a pub. Here we sat out in the warm evening and watched fire works over London.

This is a great site for someone who wants to write but doesn’t know where to start or is feeling blocked. And there is no reason why you would have to write prose and not, say, poems. You can write anything and it doesn’t matter what, but who knows where it might lead.

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