Tuesday, 24 February 2009


For this month’s writer group we once again had a choice for homework.
We started by choosing A, B, C, or D twice, we were then told what they meant.

A – Air
B – Water
C – Earth
D – Fire

A – 7
B – 14
C – 40
D – 70

I choose C and D so had to write about Earth and someone aged 70.
I thought I had a nice little idea about a blind old lady out in a garden. But it can’t have been that great an idea as I didn’t write it. When I told ‘im outdoors about it he went straight for the death option, which I’d completely missed. Kinda obvious when you stop and think.
Anyway this is what I wrote.

I think I must have fallen.
But I don’t remember hitting anything. Just black.
And now it’s still black, although I’m sure I’ve got my eyes open.
I don’t know where I am. Maybe I’m at Jen’s but she always leaves the door open, just a touch, so I can see the hall light. And I can’t see any light at all.
I did hear some singing earlier, but it sounded quite sad. And then the sound of hail blocked it out.
I don’t remember this bed. I’m sure I’ve never slept on velvet. It reminds me of Christopher Lee in Dracula.
Maybe I’m at Nigel’s, but I haven’t seen him for years. I feel so confused. I always seem to feel like that now. Never quite sure where I am, or what I’ve just been doing. My Linda’s always saying how she drove to work and doesn’t remember any of the journey. That’s how I feel with my life.
Oh there is a light. But I’m sure I don’t know anyone with a sky light. And there’s my Nigel. If Nigel’s here everything will be alright.

I know its not long, but it took me two days to write this. The group liked it, but it was such hard work I didn't enjoy it. Maybe with the next one.

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shortfornothing said...

I wouldn't worry about not enjoying writing about death. It's probably a good thing. x