Wednesday, 4 February 2009

The Mslexia Cover Competition

I don’t know if you’ve had snow where you are, but we have, and lots of it. So much in fact that they closed the University! I’d booked Monday off anyway but Tuesday was a bonus. And a welcome one. I’ve got several projects that I wanted to work on, but haven’t had the time.

One of these is to create an entry for the Mslexia magazine cover competition. Now I’m sure I’ve told you all about Mslexia already – a magazine for women who write. To celebrate their 10th anniversary they are running a competition to design the cover of their Apr/May/Jun issue and artwork should be inspired by or reflect the mag. I love the magazine and can think of nothing more amazing than to have my artwork on the cover.

I’ve had some ideas for a while, so when I knew I wouldn’t have to go in to work, I got stuck in. Above are some of my favorites, although which ever one I choose will need a little work before I send it off.

What do you think?

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shortfornothing said...

Don't know if you've sent it off yet, but my reaction is that I thought the above was actually I design in itself, not a selection of several. I think it works like this.