Wednesday 25 February 2015

My new friend

I've been trying to find myself a bear knitting pattern for ages, but most of them want you to knit in the round or are a bit odd looking.  Then I stumbled across Huggable Bears on Etsy.  Isn't he cute!
He is made of lots of flat pieces which are then sewn together and stuffed.  Easy.  The hardest thing I've found is finding bear like wool - I mean who really wants a pink bear?!
He came with the pattern for his jacket, and with the weather we've had at the moment I felt bad not giving him something to keep him warm.

So with one bear made I was excited to visit Unravel this weekend in the hope of finding some suitable wool.  I have to say I came away feeling disappointed.  Nothing in the way of furry wool, although there were lots of other types of wool.  However I did find many lovely buttons from Textile Garden and finally at last I have a knitting bag to transport my knitting around in - also from an Etsy shop - Quince Pie.
Of course now I've got a bag I've nothing to put in it.  I'm sure I will sort that out very soon.

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