Thursday, 5 March 2015


I don't know about you, but if you are anything like me you will have boxes of things that you can't throw out 'cos they might be useful for a project one day.  Of course I then forget what I've got and end up not using any of it (or buying more - don't tell 'im outdoors).
So imagine my delight in receiving this as a present recently.  This box must have been designed by someone who has this exact same problem.  With a nice big area underneath for bigger stuff and then lots of small compartments on top and at the sides for the little stuff it really is a work of art in itself.  The fact you can pick it up like a suitcase and everything is still nice and secure just adds to the list of positives.
I spent a lovely afternoon rediscovering my crafting stash and now its all tidy and just waiting for my next project.  Brilliant.

In case you want one its call a Kaboodle Plus.

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