Tuesday, 17 March 2015

March Writers Group

A smaller meeting today and a great variety of writing from poems to flash fiction and even a scene from a film script.  And can you believe it I actually had something to share this time.  Only a tiny piece of flash fiction, but still some writing.  Maybe now I've finished writing user guides at work, I'll have more appetite for writing fiction again.

This months homework:
In memory of Terry Pratchett who died last week, try giving life to an inanimate object.  If you get stuck use his Luggage as inspiration.

(The Luggage is a large chest made of sapient pear wood.  It can produce hundreds of little legs from its underside and can move very fast.  Its function is as both a luggage carrier and body guard for its owner.  Its mouth, the feature often remarked upon by those about to be consumed, contains “lots of big square teeth, white as sycamore and a pulsating tongue, red as mahogany.”  It does not appear to be constrained by its external dimensions – having just devoured someone, the next time it opens the owner will find his underwear, neatly pressed and smelling faintly of lavender.)

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